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  /  Josh Rapozo
Josh Rapozo

Josh Rapozo

Style and soul are just a few compounds in Josh’s genetic make up.Josh is known for his versatility and ability to surf any board on any break around the world. Along side with surfing, Josh devotes his time to being Vice President of the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association. He helps give back to the community by keeping our beaches and oceans clean, as well as organizing awesome surf events.

He is supported by his amazing wife Heather to continue to be a great role model and star athlete. With his go to attitude and approach on life, this team rider definitely “Shows up and blows up!”


  • Birth: 5/5/1982
  • Home: Dana Point
  • Local Break: Churches, Sano
  • Favorite spot: “The Y”
  • Stance: Regular
  • Boards: A mix of longboards, fun boards, & short boards from Terry Senate and Charlie Arce
  • Sponsors: Sedohr Clothing, and Charlie Arce Premium Longboards
  • First Board: Bruce Jones 7’2 Pin Tail
  • Started Surfing: 14 years old
  • Started Competing: 2000
  • Competitive Highlights: 1st 2007 SIMA USA Championships, 1st 2015 CSC GOTT, 1st 2015 DLSA Velzy Classic, 1st 2008 CSC SCLU Memorial Day Contest, 1st 2009 Salsa Charity Contest, 2007 WSA Mens Longboard Season Champion
  • School: Concordia University Irvine
  • Sounds: Slightly Stoopid, Living Legends, Foo Fighters, Rob Zombie
  • Favorite Food: Mai Tai…”Its got pineapple in it”
  • Surf Flick: Another State of Mind
  • Near Death Experience: almost drowned in Ventura
  • Next Surf Destination: Maldives
  • Future Plans: Family, Surfing, and stepping up my golf game
  • Guiding Lights: Family, Heather (my lovely wife)
  • Surfing Influences: CJ Nelson, Taylor Jensen, Tommy Witt, Steve Newton
  • Other Interests: Golfing, Maintaining my Bonsai Garden, playing Air Soft, Wing Chun
  • Favorite Maneuver: Airs and Soul Arch Fives
  • Favorite Quote: “Show up and blow up”
  • Favorite Monster: Living Dead Girl, “When they mix the sexuality & violence, I like it”