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Sedohr Shea

Shea Roney

Coach for Torrey Pines High School, Team Captain for Iron Cross surfboards, and one extraordinary long boarder. Folks I present to you Shea Roney. With his positive attitude and his sick style on a long board its no wonder he is an inspiration to the next generation of surfers! Shea’s hobbies also include collecting vinyl records skating, collecting wines, and like us, loves his monster stuff. You can usually find Shea out in the line up at of some of the most unreal beaches that San Diego has to offer. Shea also is part of the Swamis Surfing Association which takes part in local beach clean ups, helps local schools, and throws one insane surf contest in Encinitas!!! So if you see Shea out in the line up throw him a shaka, or better yet give him a wave.


  • Birth: 3\1\77
  • Home: Leucadia
  • Local Break: Cardiff Reef
  • Favorite spot: ala moana bowls
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Boards: Iron Cross Surfboards
  • Sponsors: Sedohr, Iron Cross, Fowlers
  • First Board: dumpster fixer upper Rusty
  • Started Surfing: 1999
  • Started Competing: 1999
  • Competitive Highlights: 3 time Machado fest longboard champ, 3 time CSF champ, 2 time Nssa college nationals finalist, revolt surf series champ, and SSS coaches champ.
  • School: Mira Costa
  • Sounds: battalion of saints , RKL, SnFu, Slapshot, Poison idea
  • Favorite Food: Italian
  • Surf Flick: tweak freaks
  • Near Death Experience: car fell on me
  • Next Surf Destination: Philippines
  • Future Plans: family, surf, coaching
  • Guiding Lights: wife Stacy, parents, in-laws.
  • Surfing Influences: Dad, Sky Roney, Sean Haggar, Joel Tudor, Bonga Perkins, Phil Edwards, and the Sedohr Team
  • Other Interests: coaching best long board amateurs in the world, record collecting, tphs surf team
  • Favorite Maneuver: the round house, back side hits under lip
  • Favorite Quote: “if you can dodge a wrench you can Dodge a fn wrech”
  • Favorite Monster: grandpa Munster